Welcome To My Own Home!

Welcome readers!
I started this blog after months and months of contemplation, excitement, and fear (lots and lots of fear). Every time I’d browse my favorite blogs or simply browse Pinterest, I kept thinking “I can do that! I have lots of projects that other people besides my Facebook friends would love to see!”. But every time I thought that a second voice would say “But you’ll never be as successful as those blogs you obsessively check everyday.” Well, I finally told that little voice to shush and decided to go for it! So what if I don’t end up getting 10,000 views a day, month, or year (not saying I would be upset if that ever happened (: ), I just want to be able to share my little projects, recipes, and random postings with anyone who is interested!
So strap in, grab a drink (pass the Moscato, please) and join me as a figure out this little world of Blogland. It’ll be entertaining, I promise. (: