Drab Dresser Revival

Drab Dresser Revival at myownhomeblog.com

Something you guys might discover about me soon is that I am cheap, dirt cheap. My mindset is “why buy something when I can ask my parents if they have it and they give it to me for free”. I’m lucky in the fact that my parents have a lot of furniture and are working on downsizing. This dresser was given to my mom by my grandma, and wasn’t in the best shape.



See? Bad shape. Paint was worn off, there were chips in the wood. The poor thing just looked tired! So when I randomly got a burst of energy late one Saturday night I decided to scrounge through my paint collection and whip up some magic!

I first removed the drawers and set them aside. I originally was going to paint the entire dresser this dark grey, but realized quickly that would be too dark. I started by painting a strip on the drawers where there was some detailing, and followed the same idea on the bottom of the dresser. Then, I painted the dresser top and sides, leaving some white details exposed.


I didn’t use any fancy paint, I just took some Artists Loft paint from Michael’s and went at it.

Now onto that mirror…

That mirror was in bad shape. My dad warned me it had a crack in it, and when I unloaded it the crack quickly became a bigger problem than I thought.




Oh snap! Literally…

The next thought in my head was  “oh I’ll just drill a screw in and it will be fine!”. Wrong. I ended up splitting the wood even more and had to use some wood filler and glue to fix it. It isn’t perfect, and if you stand close to the mirror you can find where it was, but I like to say that it is just some “added character”.


All better now.

This was a quick weekend project that turned out so successfully that my mom didn’t even recognize the dresser when she first saw it! The cost of this project was FREE! Ahhh, my favorite price! I had all of the supplies on hand and the only thing it cost me was some extra sleep that weekend.


So how about you guys? Have any awesome DIY revivals that you’d like to share? Leave a link in the comments below, I’d love to see them! 🙂

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Rustic Coffee Table

Rustic Coffee Table DIY at myownhomeblog.com

*Please excuse the terrible iPhone photos.

A year or so ago I decided that a garage sale glass top coffee table would be the greatest thing ever, that is until I started to use the coffee table and realized it was THE WORST THING EVER. I loved the look of the table, but having to continuously clean off all of the smudges was driving me nuts!

I finally enlisted the help of my dad to make over this $20 coffee table and I can’t stop looking at it!

I always get so excited when starting my projects that I forget to take many pictures, but this was so easy that a lot of “during” pictures were not necessary.


This was the original table, without the glass top.


My wonderful father started out by taking my 1x4s and cutting them to size. I wanted a 1 inch hangover on all sides so he accommodated for that. We used 6 1x4s for the top, and 5 for the bottom shelf.

After cutting the 1x4s to size we measured the inside of the frame so we could cut some 2x4s and wedge them in place as a base to attach our top. Dad then hammered those 2x4s into the frame, one in the center and 2 on the ends. Afterward, we screwed the 1x4s into the 2x4s.



We followed basically the same format for the bottom. Instead of hammering the 2x4s into the metal frame, we screwed the 1x4s into them. We then just slid the shelf into place and called it a day!

Well, until I had to stain the table. My only real contribution to this project was watching my Dad do all of the work and then sanding and staining the wood.

I used MiniWax Wood Finish in Red Oak and applied one layer of stain after sanding and let it sit overnight. The next day I squealed with excitement over the color, it was perfect!

tray 1

I then made a very important trip to Ross for some coffee table decor to finish the makeover and have been in love ever since. 🙂

Coffee Table DIY at myownhomeblog.com

As you can tell by my “After” pictures, I keep rearranging my decor on top, who knows what it will look like next week!

So, what do you think? This was such a fun and affordable way to customize my garage sale coffee table. The total cost of supplies (wood, stain, sandpaper) was only $63. So with the original price of $20 and the cost of supplies, I now have my own custom made coffee table for under $100! I’d say that is a deal!


TGIT pic 3